Welcome to United Way of the Wine Country

United Way of the Wine Country has been dedicated to improving lives locally for 50 years. Everyone deserves a good life: a quality education that leads to a stable job, income that can support a family through retirement, and good health. To create lasting change, United Way focuses on solving the underlying causes of common problems related to education, income and health. We are committed to achieving lasting solutions - not just quick fixes - for our entire community.


Management Team

Lisa Carreño
707.528.4485 x140
[email protected]

Kate McFadden
Vice President of Finance & Operations
707.528.4485 x105
[email protected]

Jennifer O’Donnell
Executive Vice President of Community Benefit
707.528.4485 x110
[email protected]

Rich Rhodes
Vice President of Strategy, Marketing & Communications
707.528.4485 x102
[email protected]

Rusty Smith
Vice President of Resource Development
707.528.4485 x112
[email protected]

United Way Staff

Dominique Gaitan
Accounting Specialist
707.528.4485 x138
[email protected]

Rosemary Giacomini
Leadership Giving Officer
707.528.4485 x136
[email protected]

Ana Gouveia
Community Benefit Coordinator, Health
707.528.4485 x109
[email protected]

Suzanne Harris
Financial Stability Program Officer
707.528.4485 x108
[email protected]

Ilene Moran
Staff Accountant
707.528.4485 x121
[email protected]

Pam Nold
Executive Assistant
707.528.4485 x104
[email protected]

Joan Reynolds
Education Program Officer
707.528.4485 x123
[email protected]

Rachel Reynolds
Community Benefit Coordinator, Financial Stability
707.528.4485 x122
[email protected]

Ariel Vipond
Community Benefit Coordinator, Education
707.528.4485 x103
[email protected]

Nicollette Weinzveg
Health Program Officer
707.528.4485 x141
[email protected]

Maddie Wright
Resource Development Coordinator
707.528.4485 x146
[email protected]

Mindy Wright
Senior Corporate Relations Officer
707.528.4485 x115
[email protected]

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